After Almost 10 Years I’m Flying to Paris Again

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that is precisely the kind of feeling I have for Paris after missing it for more than nine years. Paris is always a good idea, and if not for my condition which has persisted for so long, I would have visited the place once or twice every year for the past ten years; it is that amazing.

But time moves fast, and now it’s been ten years since I flew to Paris. But who am I kidding? It feels like a century ago! It’s about time; I am now almost flying to Paris.

Paris smells not only melancholy, but also sweet and curious. As I continue with my full recovery of MDD, I am quite sure that sometimes it may feel bad, but always seductive and enticing. What I love about Paris is the fact that she is a city of all senses; for writers, dreamers, artists, musicians, fantasies, lovers, wine, and of course mysteries.

As a traveller and blogger, I always have my reasons for visiting places, but Paris is different! I do not need a reason to go there; the last time I visited, I just found myself paving through its pavements. Anyhow, I will be flying to Paris soon enough for a couple of reasons;

To remind myself of the fantastic experience I had, and to catch a glimpse of, if not every, most of the tremendous and perfect fun and places in Paris that I missed.

With my curious mind, I never want to miss out on anything that is worth exploring in Paris. I have to finish what I started and finish big.

To visit the Pont de Bir-Hakeim Bridge which crosses the Seine River, which I missed the last time I visited.

Having learned so much about this fantastic bridge, I need to take myself to the practical bit of the theory. I have seen this bridge severally; in the movies. So my visit to Paris will be relating to reality.

I am a fan of jewelry and ornaments, and I love to buy a piece that reminds me of all the places that I visit; you should see my collection!

So I will be visiting Paris to carry with me something that will spark my memory; this is how great souvenir stories begin, and I could probably meet one of my fans and bam! The jewelry is theirs! You should then wish me the best as I plan to visit Paris since I could be your lucky gem. I too need to fill my jewelry collection box.

To try a meal or recipe Paris is famous for

Getting what you cannot have, or is complicated to find at home is always a relief. I want to try something that will call out to me so loudly to get back to Paris after trying the meal.

To make new friends

Every new friend is a representation of the world in us, which has not existed until their arrival. It is only by meeting that new friend that gives birth to a new world. I intend to make new friends in Paris, which will not only give me more reasons to visit Paris more often but also increase my global networks.

I could come up with a million and one reasons as to why I will be visiting Paris soon, but it is better saving the best for the last; I shall be sharing my experiences after visiting Paris. So be on the lookout for what is new in my essay blog. Until I land in Paris, see you!


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