Culture of the Serape Community

The Serape community is found in the mountainous regions of the country. This group live in the forests and valley and have not interacted or encountered another social group. However, the group has an active and well-developed mode of communication where they use ‘kiano’ which is a kind of communication similar to telepathy but first a person has the communication device implanted into their body. The device helps to keep the people safe by tracking their where about since the terrain is full of dangerous wild animals. The tenure of the land is used by the community as a defense resource. The community lives on the escapements of the land and hence the raising mountains shield them from danger and they can prepare the defense for the village before the enemy or animal posing threat can attack. The climatic conditions are not very friendly. The community has, however, device mechanisms to keep the people warm. These include warm clothing, sleeping in pairs or groups and always having the fire in their tents. The temperatures are very low running up to -20 degrees Celsius. It has a changing climatic temperature and in its local land attributes with the northern part encountering moist climatic condition. The moist atmosphere is connected with augmented frosty winters and summers that are warm.

Cultivation and Farming do not yield much harvest, and therefore the community relies more on livestock keeping and hunting. However, farming is done on the edges of the rivers. Also, the community also practices fishing on the rivers. The rivers provide the community with safe water for consumption.

The community assumes a hierarchical and hereditary mode of leadership. The leadership is paternal, and the male gender is regarded as the leader. A son born to the leader, or the brother’s leader assumes the leader’s authority upon a death of his father or old age. The group has a system of rites of passage that any individual has to pass, though. This includes birth, initiation and marriage, and death.

The women in this community are perceived as lesser subject and are not permitted to any leadership position. Women are charged with the responsibility of giving birth, raising families and provision of health services. Most medical persons are therefore women. The women are also expected to play the biggest role in socializing both the boy and girl child into accepting and conforming to the societal norms.

Communication is a role that the community perceives women to perform best. Therefor women work in the leader’s premises to facilitate and execute only the order as they are given out. Women are expected consult and respect the decisions made by their male counterparts. This is because the community perceives women as emotional and therefore incapable of making an objective decision. When they do, they are expected to consult with the male leaders first for approval.

Elements of Change

In the recent past, the Serape population has been on the rise. Life has been changing for various reasons. Some of these include improved health care since the herbal doctors have invented a mode of preserving most herbs and roots. Medication has become easily accessible for the sick. Communication has also played a role in this since now people discuss their condition with the doctor before they arrive. Pregnant women and newborn are now able to access medication more easily. As such more newborns and their mother’s lives are saved. People are also advised to eat better healthier foods, and therefore life expectancy has increased.

Women have also been taking the various leadership role in the society. In contrary to the believed traditions that they are not capable of leading, the various sectors where women are being allowed leadership roles been observed to be effective. At times in some sectors like the communication, women are seen to be the leaders of change who have brought about a revolution of a provision of better services to the community.

In addition to these changes, the Serape community might be enlarging and widening their occupation. It is most probable that the community have will have to resolve to innovate better methods and manipulating the environment and wither to change the to favor cultivation and farming. This is due to a larger population that is proving challenging to feed. Farmers might have to employ new method of improving crop performance for example by watering the and making green houses to increase the temperature for the plants to grow in. Social order, social roles, and social change are also a concern in this community. It has been an old tradition in which social roles have been shared by gender. Boys and girls are socials in preparation for the roles they are expected to take up in the community once they are initiated into adulthood. Among the Serape a warrior is taught to be a warrior right from the day they are born. They are regarded as a source of security from a very tender age at home, in the society and even among the peers.  As a child is growing up, they are constantly reminded of who they are expected to become in the society. Currently, this is not necessarily the case. With time although to some extent children will be socials to fulfill their traditional social roles and expectation. The current social and political organization is likely to give room for deviations and a person raised for a task will be able to assume a different task and still be considered important in the society.

Research design

This project is a Bachelor research to be carried out by Gondoic Nashwa a college finalist as in fulfillment of the degree program. The research will be answering the question: what are the possible effects of population growth among the Serape community? The research will also provide useful insight into the possible effects that population growth will have on the Serape community. The data collected from the field will be used to determine the impact that the current population will have over time. The researcher will also examine the aspects of social order that will change and the context and extent of change that will happen. The researcher’s hypothesis is that women will bring a revolutionary leadership among the Serape community.  The researcher also assumes that this form of leadership will have an impact on the society’s social order and political system.

The information accumulation strategies will include directing of review polls, meetings and going by the recorded essential source files. The information gathered will break down utilizing enlightening insights. These techniques for dissecting information are the most productive as the extensively depicted the consequences of the study. Connections between the factors will be built up, and translation of the outcomes will be made. Information representation systems, for example, pie diagrams, design, and tables will be utilized as a part of this contextual analysis. A considerable measure of accentuations will be put on the societal changes that need to happen


The Serape community is a socially organized group that lives in seclusion. The community has a secluded culture without much contact with the outside world. The community lives on mountainous terrain. The community has developed precise socio-political governance. Social roles are divided into lines of danger. Men are perceived as objective and therefore able to make crucial decisions in good of the whole community.  Men are therefore given the leadership roles. Women, on the other hand, are considered subjective and highly emotional. The women as nurturing roles. They are expected to bring up children and teach them morals. They are also expected to socialize the children into their respective expected social roles. Women are also given subordinate role sin the communication department.

In the recent past, there have been changes in the community. The population has been on the rise, and this has had different effects and demands for changes for the community to adjust and reestablish a sense of stability in both social and political dynamics.

A researcher is planning to carry out research with the community to find out the extent of which the populations has increased. Population increase is already causing changes in social order, political order and reconstruction of gender norms. The researcher also aims at establishing how those factors were affecting each other. The extent to which these factors will be affected, and the consequences that these factors have on the community will also be examined.


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