Drone Delivery

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Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery

General Purpose: Drone technology is a positive change in world economics

Specific Purpose: Drone deliveries will impact the e-commerce industries significantly by introducing efficiency and value for money.

Thesis Statement: The drone delivery technology answers to the needs of the market with regards to instant gratification. It will, thus, increase efficiency and improve the online shopping experience.


  1. Attention Getter: Has Technology matured enough to take human roles in transport and delivery?
  2. Are drones suitable for delivery of products to homes and offices?
  3. Is any more convenient compared to human porters?
  4. How much in costs does it save?
  5. How many jobs does this technology threaten to take from human beings?
  6. Thesis Statement: Drone deliveries have the potential to present the next front of technology in the process of increasing the online shopping experience and ecommerce.
  • Preview: The Drone Technology is driven by the desire to lower the prices of obtaining products wherever a customer is located.
  1. Drones are still at the development stage and it may take long before the market matures enough for non-human product delivery.
  2. Amazon and other technology companies are taking the lead in this industry.

[Transition: Considering the effect of the drones on the community and in daily life, it is important to have a full scope of things expected in the future]

  1. Main Point: Technology has changed the way we think, shop, and even interact with people and our environment. A person living in 2017 can barely imagine the environment that was present 20 to thirty years ago. There was no Internet or smartphones.
  2. The introduction of smartphones brought significant revolutions and brought an integrated world closer. The world is a real global village (Cohen, 2013). The demand for instant things has become a common phenomenon.
  3. Every household in America has interacted with the online shopping experience. It is convenient in many ways. First, it helps to save one’s time, which may be put to good use in other applications. Also, instant delivery is good for people who cannot visit supermarkets due to health problems.

[Transition: Time is an important aspect in any endeavor. Therefore, the introduction of drones may increase efficiency of operations and even save lives whenever medicines are transferred from a pharmacy to a patient.]

  1. Time Saving
  2. The route selection of the drones is based on smart navigation techniques calculated by supercomputers that find the shortest distance. This means that items such as items to be used urgently can be delivered in good time. This enhances the online shopping experience.
  3. In the transport business, time equals money. Drones use electricity instead of fuel and travel over short distances (Custers, 2016). Therefore, there will be no delays due to traffic jams or fuel costs that vehicles and motorbikes need. It, thus, saves the company money that would have been used on a recurrent expenditure on fuel.

[Transition: After looking at the positive aspects, we shall also evaluate the potential dangers that the introduction of drone delivery technology poses for people.]

  • Main Point: Drone deliveries will render hundreds of thousands of people who work in this industry jobless.
  1. The workforce employed to deliver are paid based on the charges imposed on the customers for their service (Holbeche, 2015). Drone technology is fully owned by the company and could reduce cost of delivery to basic maintenance that costs less.

[Transition: Despite the great applicability of this technology, it is a threat to millions of jobs around the world for those people who work in delivery business. It may, thus result in massive joblessness.]


  1. Signpost: In summary, the drone technology is an amazing invention that promises to change the world for the better. New job opportunities will arise where others close. Therefore, more efforts should be invested to make it work.
  2. Summary: Drone deliveries are more efficient in terms of time and value for money.
  3. Drone delivery technology is an interesting invention that will enhance the shopping experience by reduction in delivery costs and time.
  4. It is less costly to produce and maintain compared to human porters who deliver products for a living and saves time, thus making it more efficient for urgent purchases.
  5. However, it will lead to the loss of jobs for millions of people around the world.
  6. The drone technology will help improve the shopping experience as well as keep people from losing their jobs if it is used to deliver certain products such as medicine and perishables.
  • Clincher: A revolutionary invention is that which enhances living standards for everyone

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