How Friendly Is New York to Tourists?

When it comes to friendliness, a lot of variables apply. If you choose to visit the Big Apple, even more things have to be taken into consideration if you want to be greeted in a friendly manner.

Naturally, around the world, people are both friendly and unfriendly. It’s a matter of character and of the way they have been raised – however, you, as a tourist, matter as well. According to what you do, you might be treated in a certain way or be talked to in a certain – not so friendly tone.

That’s why, today, we’ve thought of telling you how friendly New York is to tourists – according to the habits of the usual tourist that decides to visit this city. Hang on tight; you might be surprised by some of the following things! But do no forget to check this tourism essay to fulfill your knowledge about safe and interesting traveling.

Stopping to Take Pictures – Everywhere!

New Yorkers love their sidewalks – not because of what they are, but because of their purpose. You’ve probably seen videos of New York sidewalk filled with people – but you’ve also noticed that no one of those walking on them stands still and takes pictures.

Sidewalks are, of course, a mean of transportation – and New Yorkers take advantage of them. That’s why, when tourists randomly stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take a photo, they might have some mean looks targeted at them. As a tourist, you shouldn’t also give any New Yorker the look if they walk through your shot.

If you are in New York, you should respect the sidewalk travel rules – as in you shouldn’t stop to photograph every single thing you see on your trip on them.

Gazing at Nothing

While you are still on the sidewalk, you shouldn’t stop and take a look at the things that might present an interest to you – like a curious sign or anything that happens to catch your eye.

Doing so will probably make you feel the wrath of a few New Yorkers that won’t stop walking to surround you and bump right into you. They are busy people and walk much faster than other people – of course, much, much faster than your average tourist visiting New York.

Being Too Polite

We know, this may sound a bit weird, but New Yorkers just hate it if you are being way too polite with them. If you stop someone on the street to ask for directions – something you shouldn’t do; you will soon see why – you should be as informal as possible.

Ditch the sirs and mams and have a casual way of talking with them – not because they don’t like it, but simply because they want to get it over with and carry on with their business.

Moreover, don’t spend two minutes ordering something in a restaurant or at a café by using any unnecessary speech. It’s simple, you say get me a coffee and not Hello, excuse me, could I have a coffee, please, thank you – a New Yorker will probably stop listening to you after the first three words.

The Sky Is Not Going to Fall

Another thing the people of New York hate are the tourists that just won’t stop looking at the top of the many buildings of this city – of course, while you are on the sidewalk.

It’s common sense that when you walk, you should look straight ahead and keep a normal course, not one that involves bumping into as many people as possible and making them avoid you because you look like you are half-drunk.

Leave the sight-seeing for when you are in areas designed for that – and not for when you are on a sidewalk that’s filled with hundreds of people.

The Metro Card Philosophy

If you don’t want New Yorkers to wait for you – in an unfriendly matter – in the Metro, you should really read a guide on how to properly use the metro system for when you are visiting the Big Apple.

As we mentioned before, they are always in a hurry, and if you make them late or waste their time waiting for you, it’s very likely that when you turn around, with a confused look on your face, you will be greeted by some evil looks that would make you go back home rather than in the metro.

Asking for Directions

We told you that we’ll get into this eventually.

So, we are in 2018, in the age where online and offline maps are one touch of a screen away, right? Therefore, why we, as tourists, would stop any busy or in hurry New Yorker to ask for directions? Of course, it’s also not recommended to interrupt their coffee time.

Moreover, if you have a selfie-stick with you, and with your phone attached to it and you still dare stop and ask them for directions, it’s very likely that you will get your answer, but given in a mean and unfriendly tone.

So, how friendly is New York for tourists? Well, it is as friendly as you make it – New Yorkers are said to be kind and joyful people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have things to be worried about or places to get to.

Therefore, if you want a friendly tour through the Big Apple, you should become a New Yorker yourself and be part of their society.

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