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Technology in House of CB


The availability of the web is top and ahead of the rest; the site is easily accessible from any part of the world. The process is simple and only involves entering the domain name. Upon which, the results directly lead the client to the website. The website is highly maintained and provides quick results upon searching of items. The website accepts all the visitors regardless of the location. The website is designed in a simply and looks easy to navigate since it displays items for sale upon clicking the menu. The process is simple to understand as it guides the visitors and clients.

Global Reach

The website goes across national boundaries and can be accessed from whichever country a person is based. Accessible information means that everyone regardless of the ability should be able to understand the website information and utilize the available services.  The reasons why web visitors may fail to understand the information vary. For instance, there is no provision by the website how visually impaired can navigate the website. Therefore, the website should involve the use of disability access strategies such as videos on every brand product for sale.  The images should be supplemented with sound and audio presentation about an item to take care of the visually impaired and others with difficulty of understanding written text.


Upon navigation of the House of CB website, there is an inadequate use of video, audio and text messaging as a marketing strategy. According to surveys, texting clients increase the sales by a considerable percentage. For example, when there is an offer on items, texting is likely to achieve big sales turnout. Moreover, use f videos and audio in illustrating product use takes care of the persons with difficulty of understanding texts. I recommend that videos and audio description be placed alongside the items for sale. The measure will reduce the returns since product use can continually be visited.


This website lacks interactive platforms. However, a client or a visitor can press ‘like’ buttons or add comments on a particular item through social media. The platforms such as you tube, Instagram, facebook and twitter icons directly lead the client to the respective pages where he/she can drop a comment. The icons provide direct interaction with the representatives of House of C B through engaging them on social networks.  However, most interactions appear to take place in social media, the website itself offers little interaction opportunity which takes place in customer accounts or email for visitors.

Lack of interactivity is a problem. Interactivity is linked to credibility, and for visitors to believe in the website, amount of interactivity needs to be increased (Graham, 2017).  For example, the president of House of CB can initiate an internal messaging system where customers can engage the company representatives and have immediate answers.

Information density

Information density refers to the amount of information that the web visitor meets upon landing on the web page. The greater the information density in the website, the larger amount of content that will be viewed by the visitor (Mark, 2017).  The technology used at House of CB website displays the contents that can be easily processed by the memory and there is no need of looking for additional information. User friendliness of the website has been achieved by moderation and minimalism of the key contents. The website allows the customers to understand what they are required to do at every point of interaction with the website. Excessive information density can lead to too many choices among the consumers.  The contents displayed on the website are an example of where there is minimum information density thus ensuring user flows.


The technology used by House of CB website designers allows delivery of messages sent to the company representatives. The customer is provided with a way of sending messages to the sales persons regarding the order. Through the use of customer account, one can track the order processing and even communicate the change of plans before the order is dispatched. The guest ordering commodity for the first time is similarly provided with a means of communicating and tracking the package simply by inserting the email where required (Richard, 2017). The website conveniently provides for delivery of messages to clients. However, more changes should be brought. The website should start an instant chat system where customer concerns can be rapidly addressed and solved.  The measure is an effective customer retention strategy.

Social technology

Social technology is adequately utilized in the website. The website directs the clients and visitors to the social pages of the company upon click of the icons at the bottom of the website. Some of the social sites maintained by the company are you tube, tweeter, face book, and instagram.  The sites also provide greater social interaction with the users.

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