The Best Tech Essay Topics to Write About

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The Best Tech Essay Topics to Write About

Technology is advancing at a breakneck speed. Almost every day, you hear of new devices that are much smaller, smarter, and even faster than the current ones. You find that a mobile phone has so much information than earlier supercomputers. Colleges cannot afford to ignore technology. They use it daily in doing various researches. Technology is helping to solve so many problems. If the teacher asks you to find a tech topic and write an essay about it, what should you write about? Here are a few topics related to different things that you need to consider.

  • Reproduction Technology Topics
    1. If the couple were infertile, what would be the best method to help them get a child?
    2. Is mechanical reproduction ethical?
    3. What regulations should the government put in place regarding infertility technology?
    4. Is it advisable to use surrogate parenting or cloning to bring back species that have gotten extinct?
  • Health technology topics
    1. Is it possible to regenerate the human limb?
    2. Can doctors use animal tissues on humans?
    3. What percentage of diabetes 2 is genetics?
  • Genetic Engineering Technologies Topics
    1. Should the government encourage human cloning?
    2. Does religion have a role in issues regarding reproduction technologies?
    3. Does cloning affect the way people value human life?
    4. How can technology help to solve genetics disease problems?
    5. To what extent should scientists use genetic engineering and who should limit the use?
    6. Give a list of genetic engineering projects that you think requires more funding.

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  • Technology and Relationship
    1. What are the effects of social media in the relationship?
    2. Should you get concerned about your addiction to technology?
    3. Is social media affecting the quality of production in jobs?
    4. How have social media affected communication in family and friendships?
    5. How have learning institutions benefited from the use of technology in school?
    6. What regulation can the government put in place regarding social media privacy?
  • War Technology
    1. Have drones warfare affected our way of thinking about war?
    2. Are you feeling safer with the increase of military technology?
    3. If someone detonated a bomb in us today, what would happen?
    4. Should the country with nuclear weapons destroy them?
    5. Effects of technology on world safety
  • Climate Change Topics
    1. Do you believe in climate change, or is it an elaborate hoax?
    2. What adverse effects do the growing industries pose to the planet?
    3. Does change in the environment affect human behaviors?
    4. What should people do to solve environmental problems?
    5. What are the dangers of greenhouses, and how should you educate the children about them?
    6. How can individuals eradicate air pollution?
    7. What are the importance of recycling and the ways to promote it?
  • Business Related Topic
    1. Effects of mass media in the development of the companies
    2. Implications of ethics and religion on the alcohol industry
    3. Do you support children’s advertisements? Is it child labor?


Technology advancement has brought about changes in the fast-moving world. Every institution requires technology. In college, the teacher will require you to write tech-related topics most of the time. You can write about technology in the health sector, business, climate change, military, genetics, and many other areas. If you get stuck, gurus can handle the job once you hire them.

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